The Dairy Business is a Numbers Game.
Are you looking at the right numbers?

mySynch - A Parnell Technology

There’s a new approach to reproduction management using new technology to enhance your trusted processes. Parnell developed the mySYNCH technology platform to help dairy producers and veterinarians focus on the activities that truly drive reproductive performance. By sharing your data with the mySYNCH technology, you can deliver in-field education, real-time predictive metrics, and nationwide benchmarking capabilities right to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

mySynch - A Parnell Technology

You Have the Data, Now You Can See it Clearly. Watch mySYNCH in action.

mySynch - A Parnell Technology

Herd Reproduction Data:
Easy to access and put into action.



At Parnell, we are totally focused on dairy reproduction, so that you can focus on improving your herd performance.

  • Immediately integrate mySYNCH with your dairy herd management system
  • View insemination and pregnancy rates
  • Track and predict reproduction for each cow on a daily basis [FUTURE PHASE]
  • Get alerts to help you manage each cow more efficiently [FUTURE PHASE]
  • Save valuable time with customized reports


Multi-lingual Training

Through multi-lingual educational videos, myLEARNING offers adult learning modules that are engaging and aimed at empowering farm workers, including topics such as:

  • Introduction to the science of reproduction
  • The physiology and pharmacology of reproduction programs
  • Driving consistent compliance and reducing error


Seamlessly Integrated

mySYNCH integrates seamlessly with your dairy herd management system, so that you can look at your data with new clarity.

  • A snapshot of your herd data such as the number of cows eligible for breeding, milking and drying off.
  • A monthly reproduction summary with details like days open, average days to first service and new pregnancies
  • Moving 12 month summary that reviews your herds key performance indicators including 21 day preg rate, conception rate and calving interval.


Real-Time Clarity

Too many reports can be overwhelming. That’s why mySYNCH focuses on the early drivers of reproduction efficiency, in real-time.

  • Enables veterinarians and producers to review, analyze, and collaborate on data from your operation
  • Easy-to-read graphic reports delivered straight to your device
  • Benchmarking against comparative top-performing operations at a local, regional, and national level of insemination rates, cumulative pregnancy, and more. [FUTURE PHASE]